No matter where your travels have taken you before only now with the recent developments in the area, tourists have the opportunity to discover 'the last frontier' and explore an area that was previously inaccessible.


Knock on the door  and you will receive a warm, African welcome from Eddie , Moffitt and Jeanette, Where the rest of the world filters away to a distant memory allowing you simply to be

GPS coordinates: 160 40’ 40.52” S 230 35’ 28.87” E.  M10 Sandkandi, near Sioma Shangombo, Western Province of Zambia.


Wake up to the sound of the Sioma Falls as you enjoy your morning coffee on the banks of the Zambezi overlooking some of the most beautiful beaches ever imagined this far from the ocean.  Experience glorious escape and rediscover rest at Whispering Sands, answer the gentle beckoning of your soul