Whispering Sands is located below the Barotse Floodplain in North-western Zambia


It has been said that there is no warmer welcome than an African welcome – a statement that has never been truer than with the welcome you receive at Whispering Sands. No matter where your travels have taken you before, when you arrive here, the rest of the world filters away to a distant memory and all you are left with is a feeling of serenity engaging all your senses, allowing you simply to breathe.


A knock on the door will introduce you to Eddie, Moffit and  Jeanette,  they were there when Whispering Sands was merely a parking space and have overseen the entire project to where it is today; a Mecca for weary travelers and a haven for the heart.


Jeanette is the creative brain when it comes to the restaurant menu, and regularly cooks truly South African dishes travelers go crazy over.

When Traveling to Zambia one needs the following 

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M10 SAndkandi / Sioma / Shangombo / Western Province of Zambia
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